broken heart…

Rabu 13 Agustus 2008 at 10:48:52 Tinggalkan komentar

tonight, i feel so crush.

an angel who i desire to have it.. i want to spend my morning, day, night with her. she has just “cross” over my eyes via friendster. 4 year i dont see she directly… i am just a computer freak who just dares looking she in the monitor of computer or mobile phone. she was far away in the city who called “bad luck” (translate in to bahasa) or “cross over”(translate it to javanesse language)…

hmmm she was found her prince(but not her king, coz i am will be her king and she will be my queen)… a son of a boss in borneo island…

she is real, i was know she since 1995…. when i am just a little student in junior high school

she so beautifull……..

she was my pass but i still hope she will be my future……

oh god… help me….

“Tuhan kirimkanlah aku….(she)…

kekasih yang baik hati….(she)…

yang mencintaiku….(she)…

apa adanya…”

dont be so sad…

ALLOH will give me and all creature the best choice of my life and all creature in this universe…


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pcmav 1.6 versi english web ini

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